R1BAN site news

11 oct 2015
Great technical improvements were done. I changed design from table-based to block-based. The site appearance had almost no changes - only right column (at pages that contain that one) looks not very goog. But now my site is more convinient to read in the mobile browser! And google's check of modile-friendlity now says my code is good! So I'm very happy with the results!
23 may 2015
After a long interruption I've finished translating an old page with my impressions from my first visit to the UK. And a page of Scottish steam rail written in Russian the same day is available in English too! Other pages will appear in English after...
07 mar 2015
Well. Let here be at least several pages about myself. Pages about my travels will appear soon - I'm translating those when I have time for
21 feb 2015
Looking at visitor stats I see fellows from USA, Europe and even Philippines coming! So I start to make an English version of my site!