Where I would like to go (that means I know how much it would cost me and when I might depart in such a travel):

  1. Go from Helsinki to Stockholm on land.

    Scandinavian peninsula begins at the border of Finland and Sweden. Speaking strictly, Finland is not Scandinavia, and Sweden, Norway, Denmark are. You can translate any phrase to Finnish and to Swedish (why not use Google-translate for aid?) and feel the difference. Also translate the same phrase to Norwegian, Danish and Estonian languages!

    For example, let's translate a phrase «It's time to go travelling!»:
    On aika ottaa matkalle!
    Det är dags att resa!
    Det er på tide å reise!
    Det er tid til at rejse!
    On aeg võtta reis!

    It can be seen than Finnish and Estonian languages are similar and both don't look like Scandinavian ones!
    That's due to sympathy to neighbour country and curiosity to neighbours of my neighbours. Admire non-Russian forests of Northern Europe and Scandinavian peninsula. The route may be: Helsinki - Oulu - Kemi - Tornio - Haparanda - Luleå - Stockholm. I think trains are the best way to explore this route. I know that there are overnight trains from Helsinki to Tornio and from Luleå to Stockholm making in possible for you to get asleep at one end of its road and wake up at another one. But the idea of the trip is to explore the two countries better so I believe shorter-distance day trains with promenades at cities and sleeping there are better. The voyage can last a week!

    Fellow travellers required...

  2. Ride continental Europe on rail. InterRail pass will help us! I hoped I'll travel on may 2015. But those who wanted to share the joy and difficulties of such a travel with me are incapable of having vacation this time and the voyage is to be held until a better time - and it will come one day! I don't let myself to doubt and I would like the visitors of my homepage to be as optimistic as I am!

  3. Why not visit China and Japan!

    Yeah, Postcrossing started my interest to than region! :) Being more accurate, it's because of correspondence with Chinese, Japanese, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Asian postcrossers...

    Seriously, since December 2014 I catch myself thinking than it is very interesting for me to look how they're living there. To see the Rising Sun before it rises in St.Petersburg, to see one of the most ancient countries. To admire the sunset at the slopes of Fuji Mount and sakura blossom. To see the Great Wall and other buildings with curly roofs making it impossible for dragons to land at houses and disquiet ancient Chineses. To try not to get the touristic squits... Generally, I have such an interest. I will not be able to travel there before 2016 but I hope to go there in spring. Now I have to hoard up money for this voyage

  4. The isle of Great Britain is surprising too. I have seen Southern England a little (but still didn't walk at Cornwall coasts). And Scotland must be also very beautiful! Wales is to be visited also. The UK makes me do an another visit!..

  5. Being a real Russian railroadman, I also want to travel to Vladivostok on rail...