If you feel you want to share some ideas, impressions or ask anything, you have several possibilities:

There is an address for snail mail letters, postcards and parcels:

I have this P.O.BOX since 2013. I started having it for ham-radio correspondance (when I had a callsing UB1ADQ. Most ham radio operators have a page at callbook (QRZ.ru, QRZ.ru for Russian-speaking amateurs) with snail mail address. Also it's a good idea to write something about ourselves there. I don't want everyone (most of whom are not ham radio operators) to know where I live (and where to come to cut my antenna - hi hi!) so I made a P.O.BOX for QSL exchange. Direct QSLs arrive the most fast and often cards showing cities where the envelope comes from are included into letters. I also put several cards with my city into envelopes I send.

And from there I understood that getting letters and cards from different countries is very interesting! When I started travelling abroad I send several cards via snail mail to my friends. And then I discovered that there is a Postcrossing project made to exchange postcards all over the world. Differing from ham radio correspondence, answering is not supposed in Postcrossing. When your card arrives to one person, another random person is given your address. Right now most of correspondence coming into my P.O.BOX is postcrossing cards. But QSL cards also arrive and several pen-pals write to me too. I also like to send cards to my friends from my trips